NOWCOVERY/ Coaching for addiction and unhealthy attachments

 FAMILY RECOVERY COACHING NOW AVAILABLE.  When you have a loved one who is in the grasp of addiction it is incredibly frightening and painful.  How do you know if you are helping or enabling? If you are enabling, how do you stop? I can help you navigate through this difficult situation. 

I am committed to partnering with you and supporting you in walking YOUR path to NOWCOVERY. On this path, together we will find your Freedom 2B. 

testimonials..... " I was so confused. My marriage was falling apart and I was out of control with my drinking. I kept thinking if one would get better the other would too. The problem was I was such a wreck I couldn't figure out how to improve either one. Working with Tracy as a coaching partner helped me to day by day sort out what was happening. She was able to guide me through my thinking so I could come up with a plan to recover. I am so grateful I came across her facebook page. My life is better now and I know it will continue looking up."

Beth C.

NOWcovering from alcoholism and co-dependancy.


Freedom 2B mission statement: Empowering people to claim their lives free from addiction and unhealthy attachments. 

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