If you are wondering if your drinking or drug use has crossed the line to addiction, take a look at these links which will ask some questions to help clarify. 



Author Scott Stevens offers great insight to the disease of alcoholism, the symptoms of sobriety and stigma around the disease of alcoholism. http://www.alcohologist.com

Alcohol isn't the only way people escape their realities. Other drugs are often abused with or without alcohol. This link will offer some insight. http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/drug-addiction/basics/definition/con-20020970

If you are still confused and have even more questions than before, please call Tracy at Freedom 2B. (262) 492- 7563. She offers a free consultation. She suggests writing out a list of questions that you would like to start out with. Together you can come up with a goal or a direction. It's very hard to sort out your feelings by yourself.