What is a Recovery Coach? Recovery coaching is a form support for people who are trying to claim their lives back from addiction or other unhealthy behaviors. We help people to find a way to stop their addictions/behaviors. We specialize in goal setting and resource provision. We are dedicated to spending the time necessary with our client to support the process of change. 

Recovery Coaching  Successful coaching may be done in an hour a week, others may need an hour a day or more. Whatever a client needs is provided by the coach. We are able to provide consistent support to facilitate change in the behaviors of our clients. 

Telephone/Virtual Coaching  Face to face time may not always be possible for each client. If distance is an issue, coaching services can be provided by phone or web. Frequency of sessions can be determined as needed. If virtual coaching is being done the coach may rely on local resources near the client to provide additional face to face support. 

Sober Companion  Coaching for extended periods of time may also be needed. There may be times when a client has an event they are uncomfortable attending alone. A work event, holiday party, social event, or other obligations might be difficult to face alone while trying to maintain sobriety. A coach can be hired to attend these events. There may also be occasions in which a client faces a difficult life event. Perhaps divorce, death in the family, loss of employment etc. A coach can be hired to spend large amounts of time supporting the client in their efforts to adjust while maintaining sobriety. 

Sober Escort to Detox Deciding to get sober is a monumental event! And choosing a medical detox can be a very difficult decision. Often times people are impaired when they make the decision to head to the hospital. If you need a safe person to help you with this process a sober escort might be your best option. We are trained to keep the client focused on the goal of getting into the detoxification unit. We are familiar with the process and can take much of the stress out of the process. 

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